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Victoria’s New “Text Alert” System for Beachgoers

Victoria’s New “Text Alert” System for Beachgoers

The Victorian Government will be implementing a new warning system designed to give beachgoers an SMS message with updates on shark activity on the nations beaches. It will specifically help those that go to unpatrolled beaches.

2015 has seen an increase in the number of shark attacks on Australia’s beaches with the number of unprovoked attacks increasing to 22. Because of this the organizations around the country are looking at finding better ways to alert people of shark activity early.

Some of these include shark spotting planes and drones as implemented by the NSW government or this recent early warning “text message” service by Life Saving Victoria.

The new Beach Safe App is another example of where technology is trying to beat the sharks to the swimmers and keep them safe.

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Steph Copeland

I am a marine expert that has a passion for sharks and the preservation of the oceans. I would like to help people feel safe in the water so that they don’t fear sharks.