For this Sharkbanz 2 review, we’ve prepared for you a little something about how shark shields work, how they’re tested, and ultimately- what sets the Sharkbanz 2 model from the rest of the bunch. Even though shark attacks make up only a minute portion of the animal-related accidents according to statistics, that doesn’t mean that getting bitten by a shark should be taken lightly.
Typically, sharks don’t have a bone to pick with humans in general, rather, they just view us as a big chunk of fodder that fuels their restless daytime AND nighttime roamings. (sharks actually never stop swimming about, even when they’re asleep) Affected by the feeding habits of these magnificent sea creatures are mostly fish, but also unfortunate surfers, fishermen and scuba divers.
While getting eaten by a shark is certainly quite an exotic way to go and meet your maker, many people choose to steer clear of that violent destiny and seek a solution for this ominous underwater peril. Luckily for people in need of a means of protection against sharks, there is a certain line of products that electrocutes sharks’ noses till their eyes become all watery- shark shields!

The Sharkbanz 2 review- size ‘n’ shape features: How heavy a shark shield is? Is it made out of metal and do I need a license for it?

Considering the imposing size of most sharks, you’d imagine that it would take an underwater tank to deal with them successfully. However, even the toughest of sea predators have weaknesses, and the Achilles’ heel of the shark population is their snout. That’s right, if you want to scare away a shark, the solution is quite simple – electrocute their noses! In this Sharkbanz 2 review, we’ll show you exactly how to go about this matter without getting eaten alive.
You don’t need any license for it really, as it is pretty harmless to both humans, sharks and other animals that happen to swim around. The device itself is a small but tough contraption that creates an electromagnetic field in all directions thus fending off any curious sharks that might be interested in getting a taste of your respectable self. It’s pretty lightweight and durable, so you don’t have to worry about hoarding a massive piece of equipment underwater.
If you’re an animal enthusiast, you’ll also be relieved to learn that these little devices are completely harmless to sharks, and about the only thing that can happen to them when you’re using one of these amounts to a series of mini twitches and spasms, which is something they surely can survive. (they won’t necessarily like it that much, though)
A bit of Sharkbanz 2 review trivia: how does a shark shield actually fend off sharks?

You may have already heard about the electrocution practices of the shark shield devices, but saying that one of these innocent little contraptions downright ‘electrocutes’ sharks is a bit over the top. What it actually does, is that it overstimulates their nose receptors, making them twitch and become more susceptible to spasms and other unpleasant sensations.
Sharks have a certain number of gel-filled receptors in their snouts called- ‘Ampullae of Lorenzini’ which they use to sense the movements of their prey, typically at a close distance. These tiny receptors are only used when the prey is in close proximity. For lengthier chases, over greater distances, sharks use other senses to catch their prey. A shark shield, then, creates a magnetic field approximately four to five meters in diameter which overstimulates their snouts and makes them flee the area in a hurry.

Learn more about the Sharkbanz 2 model in the following sections of this Sharkbanz 2 review!

Sporting a small size of a typical wrist watch, this Sharkbanz 2 shark deterrent is a simple and effective means of fending off any curious, and possibly hungry, sharks that you’re unlucky enough to come across. According to the manufacturers themselves, what they’ve come up with is an effective, affordable, simple, and most importantly- a stylish anti-shark device that will help you get a load off your chest when you go out on your next sea-bound excursion.
As for its working principle, it’s simple enough really. It roughly follows the same pattern as the working model we’ve described above. An impromptu magnetic field is created around the person wearing the shield, and the sharks that find themselves nosing around suddenly get uncontrollable snout spasms, which makes them flee the scene and look for their food elsewhere. (possibly somewhere where their nose won’t hurt as badly)

The Sharkbanz 2 review specifications: what to expect from your Sharkbanz 2?

First of all, let’s reflect on its power potentials here for a minute. In comparison to the first ever Sharkbanz model that hit the market a couple of years ago, this second installation we’re describing in this Sharkbanz 2 review has been significantly enhanced when it comes to the intensity of its magnetic field. Now it’s capable of covering an even larger area than the previous model, which was limited to some 5-6 meters.
Other than that, you also don’t have to worry about it being uncomfortable, as this shark deterrent device is as easy to carry about as a usual watch. The band itself has been made from a specialized kind of soft silicone, which applies well and gently to your skin, preventing any rashes or uncomfortable positions which may cause your hand to itch. (this material is also often used for sports watches and other similar around-the-wrist utensils- soon enough, computers will be mounted on your hand the way technology’s going these days)
Some more Sharkbanz 2 features coming your way in the following section of our Sharkbanz 2 review:
If you’ve been wondering how much abuse could such a simple apparatus endure before it goes bust, we’re glad to inform you that in the case of a shark attack, this little device will be up and running long after you’ve been eaten by one of these elegant sea predators! (god forbid) The magnetic chassis that represents the power-source of this device’s magnetic field is well secured from the outside influence and especially rust, which is any metal’s worst enemy.
In this Sharkbanz 2 review, we might have already mentioned the high-quality properties of the silicone wristband that this product boasts. Now, however, we’re expanding on this assertion by adding the buckle that comes with it as well. It’s a well-known fact that any wristband is only as strong as its buckle, and when it comes to the tightly-secured piece of metal that keeps this apparatus in one piece, we’re pretty positive that it holds on quite well, even in some tough ‘n’ rugged conditions. These impressive durability features that are displayed by the buckle are thanks to its matte stainless steel finish, providing an additional protective coat.
Also contributing to the sheer irresistible attractiveness of this offer is the fact that it’s available in not two, not three, not five, but FOUR different colors: slate-black, white-black, white-seafoam, and last but not least – slate-azure.

So, to wrap up this Sharkbanz 2 review,

we’ll also mention that it features a universal fit, so you don’t have to predetermine what size you need to buy for yourself. Another great thing about it is that it doesn’t need recharging as it doesn’t have any batteries to start with! All in all, a plucky little anti-shark device that can quite literally be a lifesaver out there in the open sea. We hope that in this Sharkbanz 2 review we managed to provide you with some valuable information about the nature of this exquisite piece of maritime gadgetry!

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