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Shark Repellent Bracelet Review

Shark Repellent Bracelet ReviewScore 79%Score 79%

FINALLY! Someone has made a shark repellent device that is stylish!

Shark Off really got it right this time. Most people hate the size and look of the devices that are currently on the market and it looked for years like no one was bothering to innovate with new designs. But now here we go, someone tried to make something that actually looks good.


Good Points

  • Style
    Ok so this one is obvious but it’s great that someone has taken inspiration from what people actually wear. rather than trying to make everyone wear a brick on their arm or attach a high voltage cable to their leg before going into the surf. Thank you whoever made this! 
  • Size
    The size of this thing is great. Its small enough that you will not really notice it and its barely heavier than your board strap so it’s great. This is also great for anyone that’s going to be swimming as you don’t want something that’s going to be dragging you down especially if you are wearing it on an ankle.
  • Save the environment
    10% of all income goes to the Ocean Voyage Institute to help clean up the oceans. I know this is not really a feature of the device but it’s still a good thing and nice to know the creators have a conscience.
  • Simple
    This can’t be overstated, seriously. You don’t want one more thing to charge before heading to the beach. Yes, the active shark repellents are probably more effective but they.

 shark off bracelet


  • Range of Effect
    So I am sure you would have thought about this but the range on this thing is not that great. Some of the other devices mainly the Freedom+ Surf have a much larger protection range. But this is to be expected considering this one is a “passive” device that just uses magnets instead of an active device that sends out electrical pulses.
  • Small sharks only
    So we can’t confirm that this won’t work with big sharks. BUT…
    So this thing only uses small magnets, all the testing was done with small sharks and rays. We really can’t see this thing stopping a great white coming up from the depths. Mainly just because by the time the shark got close enough to be affected by the device, well your leg would be in its mouth.
    That does not mean this would not be effective in the shallow water where most shark attacks take place by smaller sharks. And we don’t really know of any devices that will stop a great white at full tilt. There just isn’t much that can pull up a shark like that.





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    Steph Copeland

    I am a marine expert that has a passion for sharks and the preservation of the oceans. I would like to help people feel safe in the water so that they don’t fear sharks.