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Best Gifts for Surfers 2019

Best Gifts for Surfers 2019

Here are our picks for the top gifts for surfers in 2019.

Buying a gift for someone that’s in a sport is always a hard thing to do.

• Is this the right gift for them?
• Is this good quality?
• Will they like it?
• Do they already have one?

There are so many things to think about when trying to get a gift!

Aren’t you lucky we are here to help…

So, first of all we suggest getting something that will help them be safe. This tells someone that you care about them, what more can you ask for in a gift. 


sharkbandz 2

Our Recommendation


Lets start with the option that we would recommend as the top, the SharkBandz 2. This is the latest model of shark repellent safety band for surfers, swimmers and really anyone in the water. It looks cool comes in several colours so there will be one to suit everyone. Very stylish and premium design.

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Shark Off Bracelet

Cheapest but Stylish Option 😉


Ok now for the cheapest but not worst option of the bunch. This one is arguably the most stylish one of the three options. We would reccomend this for the surfer that wants some protection but doesn't want to go all out on the active board option. 

Shark Shield Freedom+ Surf

The money doesn't matter I love them so much Option


Now this is the big one. If you love someone and the you DONT WANT A SHARK ANYWHERE NEAR THEM! Then this is the one for you. This is an actively powered shark deterrent. It uses electrical pulses sent from the fins of the board to make sure no sharks come anywhere near the rider. Top option here.

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About The Author

Steph Copeland

I am a marine expert that has a passion for sharks and the preservation of the oceans. I would like to help people feel safe in the water so that they don’t fear sharks.