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Steph Copeland

Steph Copeland

I am a marine expert that has a passion for sharks and the preservation of the oceans. I would like to help people feel safe in the water so that they don’t fear sharks.

Who Are We

At SharkDefence we love the water. We love diving, surfing, bodyboarding, snorkelling and everything else. We have been around the water a lot and have had a lot of interaction with sharks. We see them as part of nature and want to do what we can to help protect them. We are doing that by helping to protect the people in the water. If someone is using an anti-shark device, wetsuit, stickers on their board then this is a good way for them to be, and feel, more safe in the water. This ultimately is good for the sharks because it prevents them from being culled needlessly because of people being injured by sharks just “being sharks” in their own environment that we are in. 

We know that we can’t stop people from going in the water but we do know that we can help keep those people safe by keeping sharks away from them. We think this is the best option to combat the larger and larger shark scare hype pushed by the media these days.  

Why Create This Site

This site was created to provide new and good information about sharks and their activities around the world, and also to give people quality reviews about the shark deterrent products available to help protect them. By reviewing these products and giving customers guidance on the best shark repellant for their use we hope that they will get more use and in turn help protect these animals that are just part of nature and have suffered enough at the hands of humans. 

Write for Us

If you like our mission please reach out to us. There is a lot to be said about sharks and we should all be doing our part. We would love to hear from you. 

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