Dive deep, and keep the sharks away with a brand new device: A Ocean Guardian SCUBA 7 review

In this Ocean Guardian Scuba 7 review, we’ve prepared for you, we’ll introduce a certain plucky maritime device you’ll surely going to love! When you head out to the seaside with a serious intention of doing some diving and surfing, (or fishing), you’re headed to a completely new and exciting eco-system that abounds in flashy-looking species of fish, sea stars and many other colourful creatures. Also, it’s usually the shark territory. The unfortunate thing is, no matter how agile or strong you are, chances are- you won’t last more than a minute in a direct conflict with a shark, as they are in their own territory.

So, if you happen to frequent these kinds of spots particularly rich in shark population, you need to be extra careful and take some precaution measures against a full-blown shark attack which will leave you seriously maimed or even result in an instant death. For many people who are bound to go to the seaside often, whether because of their jobs or sheer leisure, the recently-developed shark shields are the weapons of choice they use to combat this serious issue.

In this Ocean Guardian scuba 7 review, we’ll talk about one of the most recent installations in the line of professionally-made, scientifically-approved anti-shark contraptions – the Sharkshield scuba 7. Before we discuss this device and its features in more detail, we’ll provide to you a short description of the shark shield technology and how it works.
This review presents: Shark shields – A non-lethal alternative to harpoons and underwater traps ‘n’ mines!

Sporting a small but powerful build and a simple working principle, shark shields are one of the best maritime inventions to hit the sea-faring and sporting world in the recent years. Its lengthy development process has been made possible thanks to a great amount of work that scientists and marine biologists invested in order to understand sharks and their anatomy in great detail.
That being said, a shark shield is a device that has an inbuilt battery or some similar power source that produces a magnetic field of high intensity around the person that wears it around their ankle, or wrist. The magnetic waves are a natural deterrent to sharks, so the principle on which it works amounts to prevention rather than confrontation. When a shark approaches you, the waves that the device emits a signal that it should back down. The important thing is that this approach to solving the shark problem is non-violent and non-confrontational, as it completely excludes the human factor. For example, if you were to go diving wielding a harpoon, its defensive effectiveness will depend on your prowess with it, which is not a secure enough way to resolve this issue. Also, carrying a weighty sea weapon might significantly decrease your exploring capabilities.

How does it work? Why do sharks swim away from it in a panic? The Ocean Guardian scuba 7 review biology corner!

In this part of the review, we’ll talk about the working principle behind this brilliant invention. First of all, it’s worth reiterating that it’s great success among the sea-frequenting people is because of its sheer simplicity. Its compact design with few parts means that few parts can break and leave you in a horrible shark-infested area without any means of protection whatsoever- which can be a seriously annoying prospect, in all fairness.

Sharks have a number of highly-sensitive gel-filled sacks scattered all over their snouts, which help them locate their prey at close distances. They’re called the ‘Ampullae of Lorenzini’. These don’t necessarily work for long distance chases (which sharks are also well-known for), as they use a different set of senses to do that part of the job. The way this functions is that the electromagnetic current that’s emitted from the device we’re describing in this review, irritates these fine sensory organs, making the sharks turn back and swim away as soon as they come into contact with it.

The important thing that many people state as their prerequisite for equipping themselves with an anti-shark tool is that this particular model is completely harmless to these magnanimous sea creatures. It merely makes their noses uncomfortable, which is but a minor slap on the wrist for sharks. Also, the device is completely safe for other sea creatures as well, no matter how small, so you don’t have to worry about ruining the entire eco-system for your health and safety. (though, that’s not so much a price to pay, if we’re being honest) In the following section of our Scuba 7 review, we’ll talk about some features worth checking out before you buy this product.

Ocean Guardian SCUBA 7 specifications and features

In this article, we’ve talked about how the device actually works, what to expect from it in the field, ehrm, water, and that you needn’t worry about either yours or the health of the sharks potentially affected by it. In this section, however, we’ll give you a clearer picture of the product itself, and what are the specifications that make up this solid offer many sea-frequenting people just can’t seem to ignore. And why would they?

First of all, powering up this incredible piece of maritime engineering is a solid battery pack providing a reliable and strong stream of power to the main unit which then distributes it further. One of these batteries can provide up to 5 to 6 hours of use once they’ve been fully recharged. That means that, since it’s a diving set we’re talking about, you can do quite a few dives and have enough time to do some pretty serious exploring business. Or, looking for a treasure trove for that matter! The bottom of the ocean is the limit when you know you won’t be pestered by the pesky, bitey sharks anytime soon.
When it comes to the number of times you can charge these batteries back up, it amounts to some 300 recharges, so unless you have a job as professional diver and must dive every single day, one single battery pack can last you for an entire year, or more, depending on how frequently you use it, of course.
As for the lower temperatures of water, you should pay attention that it doesn’t go really low because the amount of cold this shark-repelling appliance can take is fairly limited. The range of temperatures that it covers goes from 53.6°F (12°C) to 104°F (40°C). Anything within this range will have this utensil work like a charm. The trouble starts with anything that is below the designated lowest temperature, that is 53.6°F (40°C). Even though it may still work properly in settings with low temperatures, its battery lifespan will be somewhat shortened.
All in all, we hope that this review has helped you understand the nature of this exquisite maritime device in a better way. There is already a great number of people who have tested this product and have been using it for some time without any sharks in sight. And these are some people whose jobs and hobbies lead them straight into those areas particularly pestered with sharks! We’re talking about marine biologists, surfers, fishers, divers and many other people who just like to take a dip in the ocean now and then.
All of them agree that, even though a bit pricey, such a shark-deterring device can mean the difference between life and death. (and you don’t have to buy it every couple of months; once you’ve got a hold of it, it can last you for years) In this Ocean Guardian SCUBA 7 review, we’ve explained why it might be a good idea to get one, and we believe that you if you actually do buy one, you wouldn’t have made a mistake indeed!

Images Courtesy of sharkshield.com