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Ocean Guardian Freedom+ Surf Review

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Ocean Guardian Freedom+ Surf

The Ocean Guardian Freedom+ Surf is a dedicated shark deterrent for surfers. This is the first of its kind and takes the already proven technology of the SharkShield and integrates it with your surfboard. This kind of integrated shark deterrent device is what a lot of companies are going for these days to make these devices simpler and easier to use with each revision. The Freedom+ Surf uses a metallic sticker that sticks to the base of any existing surfboard to make contact with the water. This is the first design of its kind and makes the device much less intrusive to the user. You don’t have to have something attached to your ankle to use it. This allows you the freedom to surf as the name suggests.SharkShield Freedom+ Surf Review

The metal sticker antenna that is installed on the board is relatively cheap $99 and this means that surfers with a couple of boards can install more of the antennas on their boards and move the active unit between the boards they want to use. The antenna stickers are only 50 microns thick so that they create almost no drag meaning that you won’t even know it’s there. Also the 4-5 hour run time of the shield means that you can have a decent day in the surf without needing to recharge.

Freedom+ Surf Technology

The Technology that the Freedom+ Surf uses is shark shields own active electronic technology that sends pulses of electricity between the electrodes of the antenna on the bottom of the board. This works the same way as SharkShield’s other devices and is designed to overpower the delicate senses of sharks that get too close. This makes it quite uncomfortable for a shark to be too close to the device. SharkShield do outline some limitations of this technology though.

The Ocean Guardian Freedom+ Surf is only effective for a range of up to 1m from the antenna. For this reason, it is only considered to be effective for smaller sharks like Tiger and Bull sharks. Large great whites that rely on ambush attacks from below in open water will feel minimal effects by the Freedom+ Surf. This is because the way great whites attack, up from deep water at great speed, means that by the time they are affected by the electric field they are unable to stop or change direction. Even a powerful deterrent would not stop them at this range and speed.

Ocean Guardian Freedom+ Surf Specs

The Ocean Guardian Freedom+ Surf Is a very compact unit and has a very good design to suit its purpose. Weighing in at only 230g this is only a small percentage of the weight of a normal surfboard. With its integrated antenna sticker there is minimal impact on the board and could be removed if you needed to. With a battery that will last 1000 charges it will give you several years of good service before you will be looking at an upgrade. 4-5 hours battery life means that you can go surfing for a decent time without worrying about a charge.

Make/Model Ocean Guardian Freedom+ Surf
Use Surfing only
Technology Active Electronic
Operating Time 4-5 Hours
Battery Operating Life 1000 Cycles
Range of Effect <1m
Depth Rating 50m
ocean guardian freedom surfboard


  • Light minimal impact to the board and user.
  • Can be installed in multiple boards for only $99 additional per board.
  • Does not require drilling or cutting into your board.
  • Can be installed at home and doesn’t require specialized install.
  • Area of effect is directly below the board; this is good for protection of your feet hanging in the water.



  • Having a battery means you will need to have it charged to be protected.
  • Only designed to be used for surfboards
  • Need to buy multiple antennas and install on more boards if you have more than one.
  • Shorter battery life than alternative products.

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