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Ocean Guardian Freedom 7 Review

Ocean Guardian Freedom 7 ReviewScore 58%Score 58%

In this OCEAN GUARDIAN Freedom 7 Review, we’ll present to you a device so tough, even tiger sharks run, ehrm, swim away from it in a panic! But before we delve into this matter in more detail, let’s put into perspective all the dangers that can pester a beach-frequenting sporty person of leisure and frolic.

For starters, getting a big chunk of your respectable personage bit off by a shark can be annoying enough in itself, but not knowing when it’s going to happen is often what makes people look for a means of protection against these lovable if somewhat ‘bitey’ sea creatures. That is where shark shields come into play!

What’s important is that this particular means of protection does not hurt sharks. It just deters them well away from you and makes them think you’re a poor source of protein for their demanding diet.

Now, while being thought of poorly by a shark or two may not be a flattering matter, it’s surely much better than getting eaten by one. Thanks to their small size and wide applicability in the open sea, shark shields are used across the spectrum by many sea-bound people from various walks of life. Some of them are fishermen, scuba divers, surfers and so on and so forth.

Ocean Guardian Freedom 7 HistorySharkshield Freedom 7 Review

The extensive research that was put into this plucky little contraption was completed in its entirety only recently if we look at the broader picture. Responsible for this entire project seeing the light of day, (and the darkness of the deep sea murky waters) are three eager inventors: Sherman Ripley, Norman Starkey, and Graeme Charter.

They came up with a specialized waveform of electrical current which proved to be an excellent means of deterring sharks. Initially, there were some red tape problems with companies trying to intervene in the invention process, which eventually leads to the entire thing packed and transferred to a bunch of folks who knew what they were doing.

Fast forward a couple of years and you have a fully-operational shark-repelling product, the shark shield.

The OCEAN GUARDIAN Freedom 7 Review


Sporting a tough and durable build combined with some pretty nasty spasm-inducing shocks, this contraption will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time while you’re riding the waves, looking for rare fish underneath the surface of the water, or catching them while standing on the side of a boat. This particular piece of anti-shark hardware was tested mercilessly and repeatedly by teams of scientists hell-bound to prove it dysfunctional. Of course, as it passed all of its tests, the makers of this rugged piece of maritime support can say they’ve done a great job with a proud air!

Also counting as one of the factors that contribute to the good name this device has made for itself is the fact that it’s become the appliance of choice for the US and Australian Navies! This is especially impressive if you take into consideration that in Australia, pretty much everything either wants to kill you or cover you with poisonous spit and showers of rampant diarrhea.

How to use it and what to expect?Sharkshield Freedom 7 Review

When it comes to using the Freedom 7, the process is rather straightforward. You turn it on, and voila! You’re fully equipped to pursue your adventurous sea-bound undertakings without worrying about sharks pestering you.

If you’ve charged its batteries beforehand, that is.

OCEAN GUARDIAN Freedom 7 Specifications

The entire thing is constructed to be as lightweight and compact as possible, meaning that you won’t find yourself hauling a massive electricity-powered apparatus through the salty water. (That would make you consider getting yourself a harpoon instead)Sharkshield Freedom 7 Review

Also, with this thing attached to you, you can dive up to 50 meters (164 feet). (you can attach it to your ankle, snorkel or even scuba tank if you’re SCUBA diving, and the nearby sharks will be none the wiser)

The nosebleed-inducing technology behind the shark shield!

Perhaps you’ve already heard that the best way to defeat a shark in close combat, when it, god forbid, comes to it, is to punch it in the nose repeatedly and possibly go for its eyes for good measure. Well, this here device does the first part of the job for you, and by means of electrical current, no less!

This is how it works: Located all-around their snouts, sharks possess a number of tiny gel sacks that go by the name of ‘Ampullae of Lorenzini’. These are highly sensitive and serve them to sense their prey at a great distance.

If there’s a shark shield nearby, however, these gel sacks work against them. That’s because the electrical current irritates the gentle build of their noses, forcing them to swim away quickly in a panic. This repellent fends off pretty much every type of shark equally successfully.Sharkshield Freedom 7 Review

Included in that group that gets their noses powdered are the great whites, hammerhead, mako, tiger sharks, you name them! Also, animal enthusiasts will love the fact that this device doesn’t actually hurt the sharks, it just deters them with a mild non-lethal shock.


The main power source for this shark shield is a lithium-ion battery pack which is rechargeable and can easily be replaced if necessary. Once charged up fully, it can provide some 7 hours of running time, pretty much covering your entire day out in the water! In case you need more, you can always carry a spare one with you, just to make sure.

The battery that’s been included provides you with roughly 7 hours of intense water-bound frolicking or sporting goodness. You can recharge the initial battery that is included in the package up to 300 times, meaning that you won’t have to buy a new power supply unit for much more than a year, depending on how frequently you use it.

As for the temperature values you need to care about, they range from 53.6°F (12°C) to 104°F (40°C). All in all, it will function just fine in any environment with temperatures that the human body can typically endure. If you do happen to find yourself in places where temperatures go significantly below the prescribed value, the only effect it will have on this device is that its battery life will be somewhat shortened.


So, to wrap up we’ll just say that whatever anti-shark piece of equipment you choose to purchase, chances are, it’s not going to be 100% effective, and this one is no exception.

That being said if this is the choice of the US and Australian Navy that must say something for the effectiveness of the device.

However, if we take into account all of the elaborate tests and years of scientific studies that have been invested in testing this product six ways till Sunday, this shark shield surely comes on top of the bunch. Hopefully, the OceanGuardian Freedom 7 Review we’ve provided here may help you make your decision with more of a confident and safe sea adventures.

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