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Sharkbanz Shark Leash Review

Sharkbanz Shark Leash ReviewScore 74%Score 74%

Sharkbanz Shark Leash Review

The Sharkbanz Shark Leash is another great option for Surfers wanting some protection while they are in the water. This is perfect for those surfers that want a simple elegant solution to shark defence that doesn’t impact their surfing too much. If you don’t want an electronic device, you need to install on your board (, or another leash that you need to wear then this could be for you. It is reasonably standard but it does the job. The Shark Leash is just an ankle strap for your surfboard or bodyboard that has the magnets in it from the Sharkbanz anklet. This means that rather than getting the Sharkbanz anklet then you can just get this and replace your current leash. It’s a pretty simple solution but it doesn’t need to be too complicated really. That’s the beauty of it, just install and forget about it. You can also easily change the strap over to another board so that you can use it on more than one without needing to buy a second one. I guess one upside and downside, like some of the other devices we have reviewed here this repellent is for a specific use. This is because by making it a more specific fit it improves the design for that sport. But it also limits where you can use it. Although you could disconnect the leash from the ankle strap to use it, well anywhere you want. This is really isn’t its intended purpose and could be a bit of a pain as you would probably catch it on things.
Girl Putting on sharkbandz shark leash surfboard

Sharkbanz Shark Leash Technology

The Shark Leash uses Sharkbanz magnetic repellent technology as the active ingredient in these ninja shark repellents. This means that they are effective for close call attacks where the sharks approach within about a meter or 3 feet of you. But like the other technologies that rely on annoying the sharks with a magnetic field they won’t protect you from the much feared great white. Although not much will. The major benefits of this type of deterrent are that because they use strong permanent magnets they do not require charging or much taking care of. Just give them a wash off with fresh water when you’re out of the surf and that’s it. Just the same as you would for your board. This makes them very handy for the casual and diehard surfers. No need to recharge or worry when you forget to charge it before a surf.
sharkbandz shark leash in packaging

Sharkbanz Shark Leash Specs

The Sharkbanz Shark Leash is a good piece of engineering but you will need to give it a bit of care. This has high-powered magnets in it and for that reason you need to keep it away from electronic devices and anything that can be affected by a magnetic field. Things like your watch, or even the drone you are using to record you surfing. It is a bit heavier than your standard leash but at approximately 85 grams (3oz) you won’t feel it much and it will feel normal pretty fast.
SharkBandz surfboard leash
Make/Model Sharkbanz Shark Leash
Use Surfing, body boarding, windsurfing, anywhere you will use a leash.
Technology Magnetic repellent.
Range of Effect 1-2m (quoted)
Dimensions/weight One size fits most 14 to 35.5cm – 85 grams (3oz)
Depth Rating 200m
sharkbandz shark leash removable cord


  • Minimal impact, perfect for water sports
  • Low Maintenance
  • Not modification of board required
  • Reasonably cheap
  • Quick installation
  • No battery that needs charging


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  • Can damage electrical equipment
  • Limited uses, designed for use on boards with leashes
  • Limited range





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